going to hell:
the book
by rick morley

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    Ed T.

    Thank you for this perspective. It has new meaning after a week with a funeral, hospital visits, goodbyes to pre-school classes, the birth of one child robust and healthy and the birth of pre-mature twins yawning for life.
    The pastoral and personal elements of the closeness of God is hope full. Thank you.

    Fr. Rick Morley

    Thanks, Ed. Blessings on your ministry, especially this week. Remember that the hands we reach out with, are His. And sometimes the hands we touch are His too.

    Pr. Sheepherder

    Well put, Fr. RM ... the thread of God's mercy runs through the pericope, and your perspective on the merciful touch of Christ brings the texts to life again.


    Nicely done ... very helpful in discovering another attempt by Jesus to experience the in-breaking of God's kingdom. Thank you.

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